Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinterest Experiments #3: Removing Glitter Nail Polish

I love glitter.  On everything.  Especially my toes:


While I was babysitting my favorite 8-month-old, I got the bright idea to paint my fingernails this wonderful minty shade after he had fallen asleep for the night. (Essie Turquoise & Caicos)


After I did it, I realized I wanted my toes to match.  And *you know* what happens when you try to take polish off your toes with new, fresh fingers...

Sooo... I asked very sweetly, and the Mr. helped me out.  I decided to try this nifty technique I'd pinned recently:

"How to take glitter nail polish off easily"

Did it work? Yup.  This is the Mr. wiping the last bits of polish off after we unwrapped.  Isn’t he sweet?


Finally, clean toes.  (I promise my toenails aren’t really yellow, it’s just the crummy iPhone pic.  Seriously!)


Verdict:  This is a Pinterest trick worth trying. 

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  1. Glitter polish is always so hard to get off my nails! Glad to know this technique works. Thanks Laura =)


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