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Friday, July 4, 2014

Nautical Baby Shower Diaper Cake & Wreath

Somehow at work, I have been pegged as 'the crafty one.'
It's a complete joke, considering the talents that some of my coworkers have!

Putting all self-deprecation aside, we are throwing a nautical themed baby shower this month for one of our girls, and I was asked to make a diaper cake.  What's more, the lovely lady that asked me to do it showed me a picture of a gorgeous cake off an Etsy listing that could serve as my inspiration.


I have never made a diaper cake.

I did not feel good about this.

So what did I do???  I hit up Pinterest, of course.  Thankfully I stumbled upon this 3-part tutorial from Crafty Chics.

Part 1 covers your planning stage, how to roll the diapers, how many you need, etc.  Part 2 covers building/assembling the tiers of the cake.  Part 3 has some tips on decorating the cake.  I was so grateful for the tutorial - I realized doing this was not going to be nearly as difficult as I had worried it would be.

So, check out my finished product!

The ribbon and little trinkets came from Michaels.  The sign on the middle tier I made using my Silhouette Cameo.

If you are new to crafting with your Silhouette, there are 2 great tutorials you can look over for some help -- printing and cutting here and text to path here.  This was my first successful print then cut, so I was proud of it.

There was really only one thing I did that was quite different than the tutorial.  She mentions using size 2 diapers.  I actually ended up using 1s, 2s, and 3s.  I always buy 2s and 3s because I feel like people get overloaded on newborn and size 1 diapers at their showers.  The 1s on the cake were given to me by the notorious diaper cake requester. ;)

1st and 2nd layer were 2s, middle layer was made of 1s, and the bottom layer was made of both 3s and 1s.  I hid the 3s (they were colorful and there was more of a size discrepancy between the 3s and the other two sizes) by putting them in the middle of the bottom layer.  See 'em squished in there?  The top layer was totally unnecessary, but I had three diapers left and wanted to include them :) 

Pretty proud of myself, to be honest!

Additionally, I made a diaper wreath to go with it.  Below was the inspiration for that.  I would link it to its original source, but the pin on pinterest didn't have a link to go with it :(  hate not giving credit to someone for their hard work!!

I forgot to take a good picture of it before handing it off to a coworker, so excuse the iPhone photo.  It was SO easy... I followed this tutorial here, but instead of cardboard for the wreath form I used an actual MDF wreath form for extra support.  The anchor and letter are spray-painted MDF shapes from Michaels.

The biggest thing when making the wreath is to take great care to only apply hot glue to the ribbon, and never to the diapers themselves, since that would ruin them, and as cute as this is, it needs to be a gift as well as a decoration, and what's a mama to do with diapers that won't unroll?

I hope that you guys like these!!  I didn't re-do the tutorials because the tutorials I used were so great, I just wanted to share with you my finished products and show you where you can go for some good instructions.  (and encourage you that you CAN do something like this, even if you think you can't!)

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Using Essential Oils the SAFE Way

I am unashamed to admit that I spent a huge amount of time on Pinterest.

I browse pins not only for recipes and craft ideas, but since I am a nurse practitioner in my "real life," I also browse for parenting and healthcare advice that I can share with family and friends, patients, and fellow healthcare providers.

In doing this, I have found a TERRIFYING amount of BAD, unsafe, and misguided information!!! 

I have especially found a TON of this type of information abounding regarding the use of essential oils, so today, I decided I wanted to share with people some basics on the  SAFE Use of Essential Oils

Let me start by telling you this - I AM an IPC for doTERRA essential oils.  I do NOT, however, support all of the health claims they make.  All recommendations I make are based on solid evidence and research that I have retrieved via PubMed (sponsored by the National Institute of Health) and other reputable, peer-reviewed sources.  This is because I am a professional healthcare provider, and while I strongly support the use of alternative medicine modalities, I refuse to recommend something on a purely anecdotal basis.

The most important thing you need to know about essential oils is that they are very concentrated Much more so than if you were using the actual plant the oil came from as an herb, spice, or food.  For this reason, you need to use your essential oils in safe dilutions.

Despite what other bloggers, holistic providers, and IPCs for EO companies will tell you, essential oils, for the most part, should not be used "neat," or undiluted.  A little bit of EO goes a LONG way.

For topical use of essential oils, the accepted "safe" dilution is a 2% dilution.
This means that for every 1 fluid ounce (30mL) of carrier oil you use, you add only 12 drops of essential oil.

In children or people with sensitive skin, you should reduce this dilution to a 1% dilution.
This means that for every 1 fluid ounce (30mL) of carrier oil you use, you add only 6 drops of essential oil. (for very young children or babies, you  may want to use even fewer than 6 drops, to be safe)

Please note, putting oils into plain water does NOT dilute them.  They will simply sit on top of the water.  The only way to dilute an oil is with another oil (hence the importance of using a carrier oil). Find more info here.

***Have you ever put some oil undiluted on your skin, and "felt the burn"???  I made the mistake of putting a drop of a EO blend containing a "hot" oil directly on a blemish on my face.  It burned and hurt so bad I wanted to peel my skin off.  Remember that "hot oils" such as cinnamon, clove, thyme, oregano, peppermint, black pepper, and cassia.*** 

To read more about diluting your EO mixtures, visit AromaWeb for a clear and concise article.


Many EO enthusiasts (and salespeople) will tell you that it is perfectly safe to use EOs without dilution, as essential oils "have no side effects."

I'm sorry, but the concept that essential oils cannot cause any side effects is simply untrue.

When using undiluted oils topically, you run the risk of SENSITIZING YOUR SKIN. Even with proper dilution, sensitization is still a real risk for people who have food/environmental allergies, sensitive skin, or eczema.

Contact Sensitization is the most common side effect of essential oil use.  It is a hypersensitive allergic reaction to a substance that is normally harmless or non-allergenic (such as Lavender oil).  Itching and inflammation are the mostly likely symptoms of contact sensitization.  This allergic reaction occurs with repeated exposures to one particular allergen.  In other words, you are INDUCING an allergy in a person that did not have an allergy to begin with.
For an example, sensitization can go like this:

One day, you decide to use undiltuted lavender oil on your LO's itchy insect bite.  He feels better, you feel better, and how great that you improved his symptoms without using a chemical-laden steroid cream?

Next week, your LO falls off his bike and skins his knee.  To keep it clean, you put a little lavender oil, neat of course, on the scrape.  You don't notice any side effects, although he does seem to be picking at it a little, but hey, kids do that.  Still, you're so glad you didn't need to apply anything unnatural, like triple-antibiotic ointment.  Eventually it heals and you forget about it.

2 weeks later, LO is starting to come down with a touch of a head cold.  You put several drops of undiluted lavender on his feet at bedtime, after reading a success story on another blog.  In the middle of the night, he wakes you up, complaining that his feet are itchy.  You look and find that they are red, rashy, and warm.

Your little one is now sensitized (in other words, allergic) to lavender oil.
You can no longer use lavender oil on this child.

Yes, this may be an exaggeration -- I doubt it would take only 3 exposures to induce allergy in an otherwise healthy person (although it happens much faster in people with history of allergy or skin problems).  And I'm not trying to scare you.  I'm just trying to stress to you the importance of adequate dilution for the topical use of essential oils.  For more info, see AromaWeb's list of EOs most likely to cause sensitization.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY is another side effect you will want to watch for.  Some essential oils react to UV rays and can cause sunburn or rash if you spend time in the sun after using these oils topically.  For the most part, the citrus EOs are the biggest culprits here such as bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, wild orange.  When using an oil known to cause photosensitivity, you should wait 6 hours before exposing yourself to UV rays (and you should use sunscreen... but you should ALWAYS use sunscreen!)

an example of EOs that can cause photosensitivity

Another potential side effect occurs when you choose to take EOs internally (by swallowing a few drops, taking them in a capsule, or mixing them into your food or drink).  Just like different foods and herbs cause symptoms in some people, some essential oils can cause gas, indigestion/heartburn, abdominal discomfort, or diarrhea.  Different people will react differently the same oils.  Just because your hubby doesn't get heartburn when you give him peppermint in a capsule doesn't mean you won't.  I'm not saying you shouldn't take EOs internally.  I'm just saying don't be shocked if you have some tummy troubles when you do.

Another important thing I would like for you to remember is that although some EOs are safe to use internally (as in, you INGEST them) you should never put essential oils, diluted or not, into the nose or ears.  This is is NOT a safe use of essential oils.  For earaches in yourself or your little ones, apply EO remedies AROUND the ear.  Here's a cool link to a few safe earache remedies.

Essential oils are an amazing, natural weapon we can load into our healthcare arsenal.
  There is plenty of high-quality research that shows us that tea tree oil is antibacterial and antifungal, that doTERRA's OnGuard blend can kill strains of MRSA, and that ginger is great for tummy troubles, and just so much more than I can list.  Again, I want to stress that NOTHING here was to frighten anyone, or discourage you from using essential oils.  I use them DAILY! I just want to encourage you to make sure you are always using your oils in the SAFEST manner possible!!!

For more info or if you have questions, feel free to comment below or email me.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Hiding

To the few of you who had been following my blog, I thought I'd let you in on where I've been hiding.

In December, I graduated from grad school.

Hooding Ceremony

Me, far left, after graduation

Selfie with my baby sister

Now, I am a certified and licensed pediatric nurse practitioner and have been practicing full time for 2 months now.

An early morning at work

Showing off graduation gift (stethoscope) and anniversary gift (4 of these sweet mugs) from the Mr., plus a tiny view of my cozy workspace

Thanks for being supportive of me throughout my journey!

Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Pacifier Clips

So, I've been a little bit MIA lately, mostly due to finishing up loose ends with school and trying to work entirely too many jobs all at once...  but by this time on Friday, I will be officially graduated from nurse practitioner school!!!
WHAT am I going to do with all my new found free time?!?! (HA!!)

Well, aside from starting a new job... ;)  hopefully more baking, cooking, sewing, and some blogging to show off all my results.

One of my good friends from college is having a baby girl in March, and I wanted to do a little something special for her.  I found several tutorials on Pinterest for pacifier clips (here and here), but ultimately decided to use this one from The Crafty Cupboard.

Beginner seamstresses, never fear!!! This was SO EASY.  BELIEVE ME.  I am NOT great at sewing by any means.  I knocked out two pacifier clips in about 10 minutes.  I bought a package of fat quarters so that I would have baby G's nursery colors, but this requires so little fabric that you could easily make this from scraps in your pile, or even old shirts from your giveaway basket.  I have so much fabric left over from my fat quarters that I could easily make 100 more... unfortunately for my crafty little fingers, I don't have that many pregnant women in my life, and I don't think baby G needs a clip for every day of the year.

Here is my finished project.  I'm pretty proud of these :)  Don't you love the added touch of the sparkle ribbon I used? I couldn't resist.

So, hop on over to Melanie's tutorial and make you and everyone you know some of these bad boys!